Panorama | Restaurante en Valencia | Carta
La oferta gastronómica de Restaurante Panorama combina la cocina tradicional mediterránea con un toque moderno e innovador. Realizada con productos de la tierra con calidad y frescura. Especialidad en arroces valencianos. Posee una selecta bodega de vinos
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Our menu

Every restaurant would like its location to evoke the emotions it wishes to convey. PANORAMA, set deep between the Mediterranean and the marina, aims to convey the key features of Valencia, a trendy and modern city which remains true to its roots.

Quality and freshness

Our menu features high-quality local products such as meat with designation of origin and fresh fish from the Valencia’s fish market. Rice dishes, both creamy and dry, are our speciality.


Our cuisine is served on high quality materials of our land like porcelain and china. We also take great care in our personal and dynamic service, which welcomes whoever joins us.

Our dishes are carefully matched with selected Spanish and local wines. Among the latter, there are prize-winning wines that are rated by the renowned Guía Peñín and other international wine guides.


From Monday to Thursday, diners will enjoy a four-course menu featuring some of the most successful dishes of our cuisine.


Cold starters

Iberian ham Cinco Jotas 5J with luxury bread and freshly grated tomato 50gr-11,50€100gr-21,50€
‘Doble Cero’ anchovies (D.O. Santoña) on freshly graped tomato 2,50€
Spanish potato salad 8,50€
Our Mediterranean sea bass ceviche with passion fruit seasoning and Valencian orange slush 12,50€
Lightly-cooked caramelized foie gras on ciabatta toasts with apple compote 12,50€
Assortment of cheese with fruit 12,50€
Tuna and avocado tartare with soya and mustard mayonnaise 12,50€
Salmon and avocado tartare with soya and mustard mayonnaise 12,50€
Sashimi trilogy: tuna, salmon, and butterfish 12,50€
Smoked sardines with artichokes from Benicarló, aromatic tomato and braised onions 13,50€
Steak tartare with mustard ice cream and ‘airbag’ 120 gr. 15,50€

Hots starters

Homemade chicken, boleti, Serrano ham, and lobster croquettes (price per unit) 2,50€
Spicy home fries 7,50€
Steamed Valencian mussels (seasonal product) 9,50€
Fried baby squids 9,50€

Andalusian-style calamari rings with lime mayonnaise


Artichoke roses with truffle and honey vinaigrette


Nest of artichockes with Iberian ham, scrambled eggs and foie scallop (seasonal product)


Roasted wild squid


Braised Valencian cuttlefish with parsley-infused oil


Braised Valencian shelfish with lemon oil and lime salt (seasonal product)

Octopus over creamed potatoes and oak-smoked olive oil 12,50€
Big prawn tempura with vegetables in romescu sauce 12,50€


Grilled styled pork fillet with pepper and citrus marinada 14,50€

Free range chicken suprème with Thai sauce and quinoa


Galician veal tenderloin, small spicy peppers and French fries


Galician beef tenderloin with Padrón peppers and French fries (35 days maturing)


Grilled cube of beef with caramelized stuffed peppers and French fries (35 days maturing)


Steak tartare with mustard ice cream and “airbag” 200 g


Salted cooked veal tenderloin with baby vegetables and parmentier



Valencian salad: fresh lettuce, tomatos, boiled eggs, tuna fish, carrots, olives, spring onions, white asparagus, and cucumber 10,50€
Warm salad of goat cheese, olive dust and tomatoe caviar 11,50€
Seasonal Valencian tomato and tuna belly 12,50€
Lamb’s lettuce salad whith avocado, foie mango and vinaigrette of honey with dried fruits 14,50€


Penne rigate with boleti and foie gras 12,50€
Clawed lobster ravioli with light seafood purée 13,50€


Baked wild hake from Cantabrian Sea over dry tomato ratatouille 14,50€
Salmon with vanilla-infused oil, candied artichokes and gingered onions 14,50€
Confit cod in mild garlic and paprika sauce with sautéed spinaches topped with pine nuts and crunchy Serrano ham 15,50€
Braised bluefin tuna steak 16,50€
Fresh sea bass with stir-fried vegetables 18,50€


Paella with baby cuttlefish and green garlic 14,50€
Valencian paella: free-range chicken, rabbit, artichokes, and snails 14,50€
Paella with duck, mushrooms, and artichokes 15,50€
Dels Bous rice®️. Fish rice with red mullet, monkfish and cuttlefish 16,50€
Black rice 15,50€
‘Senyoret’ rice with fish and peeled seafood 16,50€
Clawed lobster rice 19,50€

Creamy rice

Rice with free-range chicken and vegetables 14,50€
Rice with duck, mushrooms, and artichokes 15,50€
Seafood rice 16,50€
Dels Bous creamy rice®️. Fish creamy rice with red mullet, monk fish and cuttlefish 16,50€
Clawed lobster rice 19,50€

Valencian fideuà

Vermicelli dish with fish and seafood from Gandia 15,50€
Vermicelli dish with boleti and foie gras 16,50€
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Light crème brûlée with lemon coulis and toffee ice cream 4,50€
PANORAMA´s Marie biscuit ice cream 5,00€
Brownie in hot chocolate soup and vanilla bourbon ice cream 5,50€
Apple pie with vanilla bourbon ice cream 5,50€
My first real French toast 6,00€
Assorted fruit 4,50€
‘Valencianito’: orange juice, vanilla ice cream, and Grand Marnier cognac 5,50€
Mojito sorbet 4,50€
Mandarine orange and Calvados sorbet 4,50€
Ginger and orange juice 4,50€
Orange, pineapple, and strawberry juice 4,50€
Mango and grapefruit juice 4,50€
Orange, carrot, and celery juice 4,50€
Apple, carrot, and lemon juice 4,50€
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Daily menu

Mediterranean fresh salad
Ask waiter for today’s tartare
Andalusian-style calamari rings with lime mayonnaise
Steamed Valencian mussels (seasonal product)
Seasonal Valencian tomato and tuna belly
Spanish potato salad
Lightly-cooked caramelized foie gras on ciabatta toasts with apple compote

Ask waiter for today’s creamy rice
Baked hake with clams, potatoes and fresh tomatoes
Salmon with vanilla-infused oil, confit artichokes and ginger onions
Shoulder of Iberian pork on Jerusalem artichoke purée, Parmesan polenta, and smoked broth


(Drinks not included)


Menu available Monday through Thursday at noon, except holidays and special days.