Our menu

Every restaurant would like its location to evoke the emotions it wishes to convey.
PANORAMA, set deep between the Mediterranean and the marina, aims to convey the key features of Valencia, a trendy and modern city which remains true to its roots.

Quality and freshness

Our menu features high-quality local products such as meat with designation of origin and fresh fish from the Valencia’s fish market. Rice dishes, both creamy and dry, are our speciality.


Our cuisine is served on high quality materials of our land like porcelain and china. We also take great care in our personal and dynamic service, which welcomes whoever joins us.

Our dishes are carefully matched with selected Spanish and local wines. Among the latter, there are prize-winning wines that are rated by the renowned Guía Peñín and other international wine guides.


From Monday to Thursday, diners will enjoy course menu featuring some of the most successful dishes of our cuisine.